Our Storied and Growing Heritage

St. Charles Catholic Community has a long and rich history beginning in 1863. The original church was built in 1908 on Hill Street in Hartland next to the St. Charles Cemetery. It served the community for many years but due to the growing number of people attending our parish, a new building was needed in the 1950s.

By the end of that decade, construction of our church, school, convent and rectory was completed on the current site at Renson Road and Circle Drive. The parish continued to grow at a tremendous rate and in the early 1990s a strategic plan was created to reach more people and accommodate future growth.

By 1991 an expansion and remodeling project was underway. It included a complete makeover of the church interior, chapel addition, installation of central air conditioning and consolidation of school and church offices. In 2002, through parish-wide consensus, the Borromeo Room and the Holy Family Recreation Center were built along with five classrooms, the youth room and new school offices. At the same time, the worship space was enhanced.

Over the past seven years Fr. Ken Omernick and our parish leaders have worked to strengthen the already close-knit community at St. Charles by providing new opportunities for community and spiritual growth. Fr. Ken is greatly respected in the parish and through his leadership he has established trust through his ministry, financial transparency and gratitude to our parishioners.

Since our beginnings in 1863 we have grown into a vibrant Catholic community of over 2,400 households (7,100 parishioners) and we expect to welcome more families and individuals into our church in the coming decades.