Project Videos

St. Charles has a deep and storied history dating back to the early1900s when a dedicated group of parishioners laid the cornerstone for our original church on Hill Street. More than a century later St. Charles Parish and School has grown, serving families through dozens of different ministries. Take a look at where our church started, where we are now and where we hope to bring St. Charles in the coming decades.

Parishioners gathered at St. Charles Parish in May 2018 to learn more about the Cornerstone Project and see the latest drawings for the new St. Charles Parish Church, a traditional Roman Catholic church that will seat 1,250 people and will feature a perpetual Adoration Chapel. 

The video walks you through the meeting which was lead by Rev. Ken Omernick and Mike Berendes, a longtime parishioner and chair of the Building Expansion Committee. 

At your convenience we welcome you to watch the video.  

If you have questions about the video, any part of the meeting or the Cornerstone Project, please call Karen Dejewski at 262-367-0800 or email