Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Cornerstone Project - "Answering Christ's Call"? What are we raising funds for?

The Cornerstone Project - "Answering Christ's Call" is our name for the capital campaign in progress at St. Charles Parish and School. Based on significant examination and study, this campaign seeks to address specific needs brought about by the blessings of our vibrant and growing parish. The primary thrust of this campaign seeks to expand and renovate our church and add classrooms to the school. Our financing capability will determine our ability to complete the full proposed plan (which also includes offices, meeting rooms and a family life center) or the necessity to approach the project in two distinct phases.

Who will be asked to support this campaign?

Each individual or household in the parish will be asked to prayerfully consider a gift to the The Cornerstone Project - "Answering Christ's Call" campaign.

When will the campaign start?

The first phase of our campaign is currently underway. To allow us to visit all parishioners, we ask you to promptly accept the visit from the campaign volunteer and make your pledge at that time or shortly afterward. We also ask you serve as a campaign volunteer, so we can accomplish our goal of personally visiting all St. Charles families.

Why emphasize personal visits?

Home visits emphasize the personal nature of giving, allow campaign volunteer visitors to express their enthusiasm, give potential donors a thorough presentation of the campaign case, and offer potential donors the opportunity to ask questions. In addition, personal visits place a greater emphasis on stewardship, allowing the volunteer to share his/her own faith experience and campaign participation.

How much am I expected to give?

All parishioners are being asked to consider a specific gift amount. However, you alone can determine the amount of your gift. Consult the various gift plans accompanying the brochure. Please remember, we need the participation of all parishioners and, if your gift is one of sacrifice, it is truly a generous gift regardless of its size.

Why am I asked to consider a specific amount?

Parishioners need to know what levels of support are necessary to meet and exceed our campaign financial need. A gift amount is suggested for each household to prayerfully consider. No judgment is made on the level of gift you or others make. The true test of your gift is whether it is planned, proportionate and sacrificial.

What if I choose not to give the amount requested?

Matters of giving are questions of priorities. Your family is unique unto itself; however, you are asked to prayerfully consider a specific gift. Whatever your response, it should be one of choice and sacrifice.

I dislike pledging. Why am I asked to make a pledge instead of a one-time gift?

You can make a one-time gift; however, the success of the campaign rests largely on pledges payable over five years. In addition, by making a pledge, you are able to donate more than would be otherwise possible with a one-time gift.

I would like to make a pledge, but our budget is especially tight this year.
How can I still participate?

The campaign pledge period is structured over a five-year period, and you can determine when you want to start payment of your pledge.

We have been transferred to this area and will probably move in a few years.
Why should we contribute to a campaign that will not directly benefit our family?

More than likely, you have been the beneficiaries of facilities in this parish as well as in others. When you move and join another parish, you will benefit from the generosity of others in your new parish.

Will I need to maintain my weekly contribution?

Yes! Weekly offerings are used for the normal operating expenses of the parish. We depend on these contributions to maintain the parish and its programs.

Can I make a gift other than cash?

Yes! A range of attractive possibilities exists, including appreciated stock, real estate, bequests, etc. Please contact your financial advisor or Marge Beck in the parish office for further information.

What if my financial situation changes and I am not able to fulfill my pledge?

Your pledge to support the campaign is made in good faith. Should financial difficulty arise, making it impossible for you to continue your payments, please notify the parish office.