A Challenge and Invitation

After careful analysis, review and discussion, it is clear the community of St. Charles should move forward at this time. St. Charles Parish and School are now embarking on an historic campaign, titled The Cornerstone Project - Answering Christ's Call, with a minimum goal of $7.5 million. During this campaign we come to you - our leaders, friends and supporters - to help us raise funds needed to upgrade the facility that is at the heart of our mission.

Through this campaign we look to raise the minimum necessary to bring our project to reality. Every dollar raised above our minimum goal of $7.5 million would: 1) Cover unexpected or unanticipated cost overages; 2) Reduce the amount to finance the project; 3) Reduce additional long-term and traditional necessary fundraising. In light of these needs, all parishioners are asked to consider a sacrificial gift. The success of The Cornerstone Project - Answering Christ's Call needs support from parishioners and school families alike. We will meet and exceed our need if every parishioner practices stewardship by proportionately sharing what God has given them.

Every family will be approached in the upcoming months. A gift amount is suggested for each household to prayerfully consider. The specific gift request is based on the cost of our project and meant to provide a frame of reference for each family's participation. Our campaign seeks equal sacrifices, not equal gifts. The true test of any gift is whether it is planned, proportionate and sacrificial.

Pledges made to The Cornerstone Project - Answering Christ's Call are not legally binding. You may increase, decrease or cancel it at any time. Payment reminders will be sent according to your stated intentions. Contributions are over and above your weekly offertory giving. St. Charles depends on weekly offerings to maintain the parish and its programs.

From our humble beginnings in 1908, our parish has been blessed with a devoted, hard-working and faith-filled community. We now have an opportunity to make a profound impact on our parish and return the many blessings we have received. With God's help and your continued support, St. Charles Parish and School will continue to thrive in the years ahead.